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GTA, Durham, York Region Commercial Mortgages

Funds Available From $25,000 -10 Million!

We specialize in Commercial Mortgage Lending & Financing for people in the GTA, York Region & Durham Region, Let us show you what we can do for your business

Commercial Mortgages for people in the GTA, York and Durham regions is our specialty because we respond quickly and effectively to a borrower’s needs. In a competitive real estate environment, speed is often critical for buyers of commercial properties. That is why we emphasize providing a timely response. Time is of the essence. Institutional or Private Mortgage Funding & Lending can mean the difference between your deal materializing with The Mortgage Providers or disintegrating with others.


Our Private Lenders will gladly help you purchase smaller commercial properties under 1.2 million dollars.  We have funds available and have mortgaged many types of commercial properties owner-occupied or rental property for:


 Construction financing

 Restaurants with building

 Strip Plazas

 Vacant Lands

 Commercial & Industrial Condominiums or Freestanding Buildings

 Storefronts, With or Without Residential Apartments

 Body Shops, i.e. Mechanic


Commercial mortgaging is a highly specialized field of financing and we recommend that you call our office for an appointment to discuss all of your needs.  Please note that fees are charged for this type of mortgage financing.  Fees are never charged in advance of approvals for mortgages less than $200,000.00.


The pricing of commercial mortgage rates and fees is varied from deal to deal. Each property and borrower is unique.  It is impossible to quote rates and fees without a thorough understanding of the property and covenant involved in the transaction.

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